Signage Maintenance: How To Properly Do It

Passing by a street and seeing broken or crumbling signs can be a source of laughter. Missing letters, or sometimes even words, especially when all of a sudden it gives an entirely different meaning, are good for making people laugh. But that is not the kind of attention your business wants. A poorly maintained signage is not something that reflects your business positively.

Signs, naturally, will experience its wear and tear, but this does not mean that your business’ reputation should suffer as well. Your signage experiences different weather conditions, from extreme heat, cold, or water and other elements from the environment that affects its physical appearance. The following are useful tips on how to properly maintain your signage.

Maintenance Frequency is Determined by its Location

Is your signage in a position where it is exposed to constantly varying weather? One basic tip when maintaining your signs properly is knowing what materials are suitable for such conditions. Part of knowing the materials used in your signs are also the awareness of what to use for taking care of them. Vinyl, plastic, wood, paint, or glass have different ways of making sure they are neatly presented.

Assessment is Necessary

Maintenance concerns often times just boils down to identifying the problem. Another factor to remember is to always start with the problem, and there lies the importance of proper and regular assessment and evaluation. It must be a habit that all issues about signage maintenance must be addressed promptly.

Problems such as the need to repaint, cracks that should be reconstructed, or glass replacement must be addressed quickly to avoid ending up with a broken, ineffective sign. Prevention, in this case, is always better than cure.

Micro and Macro Maintenance

When we say micro-maintenance, we’re talking about the small details. For example, for paints, there are some that you can use to make your signs look new while there are also some that provide a coating effect which serves an extra hand to protect your signage. Same goes for cleaning solutions. There are some that work well with particular and specific materials while others could be applied to almost anything. These are simple things that are not hard to figure out or see, but often times these minor concerns are neglected and tend to pile up, resulting in a completely useless and ruined business sign.

Macro-maintenance, on the other hand, has something to do with a larger scope in which your sign is just a part of. From the structure that supports your sign to nearby factories that might release atmospheric waste materials and even up to possible animal damage and natural dirt from the environment, these are all factors that act as determinants for your signage maintenance plan. The more important thing, however, is that these factors are the ones that usually go unnoticed.

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