Learn How To Blog With These Three Tips

Putting up a blog is now something that can be done in as little as five minutes but building a successful blog on the other hand is something that can take a few weeks to several months depending on a lot of things. Some bloggers start out enthusiastically but at some point,they end up losing interest and giving up on the blog all together.

It is sad actually that there are a number of blogs on the internet that are never updated or tended to. But what is most frustrating is that there are passionate bloggers out there who put in a lot of effort into creating their blog but it rarely gets any hits. The problem here could be a lot of things but let’s address one of them; learn how to blog successfully, http://susanbmead.com/.

1. Learn how to blog creatively

Get your creative juices flowing and come up with something interesting and informative. Do not be afraid to explore new things outside the box. The only way that you can do this is to avoid blogging like everyone else. A blog can be both informal and professional; it all depends on the way it is structured and the information that it contains.

If you need inspiration,you can look at what other blogs similar to your niche are doing in terms of creativity. Originality is very important which means that you can only get inspiration from their ideas but you are not allowed to copy them. Being original ties in with being yourself; meaning you can take other people’s ideas and find a way in which you can infuse your personality into them and make them your own.

2. Learn how to blog by dedicating time to work on your blog

Your blog will not update itself so you need to dedicate some time to work on it. If you can,update your blog on a daily basis and if this is not possible,update it at least twice a week. Make sure that it is consistent so that your readers know when to catch up. It is not enough to just update your blog and leave it to the readers to figure out whether you have updated or not.

Make use of social media to inform your readers that you have new information for them to read. As of 2011,Facebook had over 800 million users; imagine what the number is in 2013. When you use social media sites such as Facebook to reach out to your readers,you will not only engage with them but you will also acquire more readers.

3. Learn how to blog by engaging your readers

One way of engaging your readers is by replying to their comments. Other than that,you can invite them to share their opinions on a particular post that you published or you can appreciate them in your posts. Learn how to use Google analytics so that you can know exactly what your readers are most interested in.

This will give you an idea as to what you should really write about here, blogs.

Lastly,aim to give your readers something that they will never forget. Successful bloggers usually hold contests or activities on their blog that will attract new readers and encourage the inactive ones to start reading. Use your creativity to come up with activities that can increase reader involvement.


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