Island of Chios

You’ve probably heard of Santorini and you probably no Mykonos as the destination for the rich and famous. But there’s one Island in Greece that is magical and its name is Chios.

While not as famous as other its other island siblings, Chios sits in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea. Chios is probably the most famous for producing mastic. Mastic is also known as Arabic gum but not gum Arabic and is used in paints and varnishes and it’s also medicinal and used as a flavor added to food. It is a resin that is formed into teardrop shapes. You can buy mastic jams, candies and even liquor. It is known to be a tear that pleases, perfumes, relieves, and heals.

The largest village is called Pyrgi. The buildings are covered in geometric patterns called a graffito. The tiny streets were made with arches and vaults that help protect special buildings from Pirates of the past. This land has a hauntingly charming feel. The beaches are incredible. Chios is 45 minutes from Athens and are some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

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