Welcome to Chios a la carte

From years of passion for Greece and for Chios in particular, the idea came to rent out holiday homes on Chios. That was during the time that Chios was still virtually unknown from a touristic point of view, there was still no charter traffic with Chios and Chios was still nowhere to be found in the travel brochures.

The houses are rented by us without the intervention of others and in direct contact with the Greek owners with whom a perfect cooperation has developed over the years.

We have been renting out the Mitilinaios house for more than 24 years! A better recommendation is actually not conceivable.

Large scale has never been the intention. Our offer is therefore quantitatively modest. Nevertheless, we offer sufficient choice and variation in both accommodation and location. It is always about houses of which there are no thirteen in a dozen and that provide sufficient guarantee for just over an average holiday. In addition, the service provided by the relevant owner is decisive.

You can also expect personal service from us. Chios a la carte means that you can compose your trip to Chios in the same way as you wish with a regular package tour. We know what we are talking about and know Chios and the houses we rent through and through.

Since mid 2004 we are now located at Chios ourselves. That makes it possible to serve you even better, even on the spot.

We know that there are more people who would like to live on Chios. Only: how do you find a house and what does it all add up to? As a new activity we also mediate in buying a house on Chios. We again honor our name and deliver tailor-made solutions, in close cooperation with a leading and very reliable construction company that can supply a house to your wishes, new build or restore existing homes. Also in terms of location, the choice is entirely up to you. An e-mail is sufficient and we will send you detailed information, also with regard to everything that has to do with the purchase of a house on Chios and a permanent or permanent residence on Chios.

Chios a la Carte also offers you the unique opportunity to combine your holiday on Chios with a medical cosmetic treatment by a Dutch doctor based at Chios. Joke de Bel, my wife, was a general practitioner in Amsterdam for 20 years, was trained as a cosmetic doctor and now has her own practice at Chios. She is also available as a general practitioner for foreign guests at Chios. She specializes in facial rejuvenation by means of ‘injectables’ (eg Botox, Restylane and Bioalcamid). Excited your interest? Look at www.cosmed.gr.


Hans de Vries